Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Decorating Inspirations: Kitchens

One thing that I am notorious for is downloading and saving pictures of rooms that I think are beautiful--rooms that I would love to recreate the look of in my own home--but then when I want to share them with all of you, I can't remember the source. How do all of you keep track of where you find pictures?

I really LOVE these rooms! They appeal to my romantic nature. I could easily see myself living in these rooms. So I thought I'd share one room at a time with you, because I have sooooo many inspirational pictures to share.

As you might have guessed, I'm starting in the kitchen. After all, it IS the heart of the home.  I've shared pictures of my dream kitchen here.  But here are some other pictures that have me inspired for our kitchen.

I saved this picture, because that refrigerator is like ours, and I like how it's built in. Unfortunately, there is a cold air return above the place where I want to move our refrigerator, so we wouldn't be able to build the cabinets above it, but I think having the refrigerator built in gives the kitchen a more finished look. What do you think?

I love the counter tops in this kitchen. They just seem so warm and welcoming. I also love the glass cupboard doors, but I know my kitchen cupboards would never look that tidy!

See that wall on the right side of this picture?  That's how I would like to do our walls. I don't want a standard  chair rail. I want the beadboard to go further up the wall.

You'll never guess what it is I love about this picture. It's the plate racks that are on the windows! The moment I saw them, I thought, "what a neat idea!"

I love the table/island in this picture! It's so large and I think it has drawers in it too.  I also love the chairs.  I would die to have something like that in my kitchen, some place where we could sit and visit in the morning. I could see Jim with his coffee and morning paper sitting in the chair to the left.

What can I say? I love apron sinks, and this kitchen has TWO side by side! I also like that the sink is bumped out a bit, which gives a little storage behind the faucets. (Love the faucets too!)

Okay, this one is just beautiful I love how clean it looks, but yet it still has that cluttered look that makes it look like it is lived in. White kitchens just turn me on. haha!

I saved this one because I liked the idea of adding cabinets for storage above the door. We have a door that goes into the laundry/utility/mud room, and we're also short on storage, so this idea seemed like a really good one.

I love this faucet, although with my lupus, the knobs would not be a good choice for me. When I have a flare, it would be really hard for me to turn those knobs. I also like the back splash, although, I will admit that the thing that caught my eye first was the white pitcher with the pink flowers!

I've mentioned several times that we're short on storage space, so I really liked the shelf they installed across the window in this picture.  I also love that country sink! It looks like it has draining trays on both sides, which would work well for me and Jim, because he's left handed and I'm right handed. We do the dishes opposite from how the other does them. I do them right to left, and he does them left to right. Oh! and check out that chandelier! Can you imagine anything more romantic in a kitchen?

The pantry door caught my eye on this one. It just adds so much country charm. I also like the punch of color that it adds.

I fell for the little shelves in this kitchen. I've been watching Craigslist for some brackets that I could paint to look like those, but so far I haven't had any luck.

This is a close up of those shelves. See how cute those brackets are? I found some similar to them on eBay, but they were way too expensive.

So those are my inspiration pictures. As you can see there are things in each of them that appeal to me. Some of the things I think I could make work in my kitchen, others are just dreams for sometime in the future when we have a larger home.

As always, if you know where I found these pictures, please let me know so I can give proper credit and links to the source.

I love comments, so please share your thoughts!!!


  1. lol I too get excited about white/cream kitchens. I've fallen in love with some of those pics.

  2. Aren't some of the pictures fab?? I absolutely love white kitchens! Unfortunately, I still haven't convinced Jim to let me paint our oak cabinets so I can have one!

  3. great, super and wonderful! I love your pictures! thanks for sharing!

  4. My parents had some ductwork above where they wanted their pantry and they just had is slightly rerouted. It is visible when you open the top doors, but how often will you do that? Maybe there is a way to reroute the air return or pipe it out a bit and turn it sideways so it's on the side of the cabinet?

  5. What beautiful pictures! I especially like to look at pictures of kitchens. Congratulations on your wedding. Best wishes from Sicily! I see you also like Frankie and Dino...here in Trapani so many people have the name Sinatra, it's incredible!

  6. That's a really good idea, Oonafey! I don't know if Jim would go for the extra work, but I'm going to suggest it.

  7. Hi Ciccia!! Thank you. I like to look at pictures of kitchens too. I really don't like my kitchen, so I look at other kitchens and dream of someday having a kitchen I like.

    Yes! I like Frank and Dino! I can't imagine knowing anyone with the name Sinatra, but I think it'd be kind of cool.

  8. I hate my 70's kitchen... So I am sitting here with my cup of coffee and absolutely drooling over these pictures. I LOVE these kitchens... I think the 4th picture down is closest to my dream. Mmmm, And those shelves are amazing. Those brackets!

  9. Oh! I understand hating your kitchen. I hate mine too. It doesn't have hardly any counter space, so making dinner is difficult, and it has oak cabinets left over from the '80s!

    Have you thought about painting your cabinets to bring them into this decade?


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