Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm a Stylish Blogger!

I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Kim at My Domestic Bliss!

Well, with being honor comes responsibility. I have to share seven things about myself. So, what should I share...hmmmm... I suppose it should be things you know already know about me.


1. I am a self-taught artist. I've only taken one art class in my entire life. I started drawing when I was six, and my mom still has my first drawing, which was a charcoal drawing of roses. It hung, framed, on her living room wall for many, many years.

2.  I graduated from Davenport University with an associates degree, and I got distracted from completing my bachelor's degree when I tried my hand at selling insurance. HUGE mistake.

3.  I was carded when I tried to buy a ticket for Tom Cruise's movie Cocktail in 1988.  The girl selling tickets refused to believe I was was over 17, which is how old you have to be to watch an R rated movie without your parents. She was really embarrassed when I showed her my driver's license which proved I was 22.

4. I've been to four foreign countries. I went to Mexico when I was 17 and haven't been back since. I've been to Canada several times, as it is only a car drive away. I've been to the Bahamas so many times I've lost count. And, I've been to England once.

5. When I was in grade school, my mom would put my hair in ringlets. I hated it, because everyone would come up to me, and pull my curls down and say "boing" when they sprung back into place. I could have easily ran my fingers through them and taken them out, but I never did... Looking back, I should have.

6.  I can twist my tongue upside down, but I can only do it in one direction.

7.  I was born and raised in Michigan... And Kim, if you're reading this, don't worry, I'm hoping to win the HGTV Dream Home!  haha!  But even if I don't, I'll live wherever Jim says we're going to live.

Now I need to pass this award onto some other stylish bloggers! 

Glynis, my dear friend, you are definitely a stylish blogger and a stylish lady. I love both your blogs! New Scribbles from Glynis Smy and your Author Blog.

Sarah, you are so talented, and I love your photographs and your blog, A Beach Cottage. I still think you should publish a calendar. I would buy it.

Oonafey, I admire your courage in painting your Little Pink House blue! It looks lovely and stylish, as does your sweet blog, Little Pink House.


  1. Loribeth, thank you so much! :) Loved learning more about you.

  2. You're welcome! You deserved it! I loved learning more about you too!


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